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After spending almost four years travelling the world, Ross is now back in the UK  working on new work drawing inspiration from the many places he has seen and the people he has met along the road. Photographs and memories combine to produce a pool of material from which this new series has emerged. It reflects on cultures and attitudes encountered as well as on the personal journey of discovery that travel induces. The transition from a nomadic lifestyle to a static existence runs like an underlying theme throughout the work. The next series is already in the making and he will be continuing to draw from the vast source of material gathered around the globe. 
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Sun Ae // Sales Co-ordinator

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"Fascinated by the way familiar yet fleeting images can be made to sum up a situation, whether it be the first impressions of a tourist on visiting a new place or the way that the same few minutes of constantly-repeated TV footage come to represent a whole conflict, Holden crafts photographs into beautiful mosaics of colour and pattern to challenge and subvert the repetitive and streamlines conventions of a media age that favours presentation over content."
Olivia Connelly // Art Consultant and Dealer

"Ross Holden is the 'Keyser Söze' of the Eyestorm artists. In the whole time we've been working together, which will be three years in April, I think i've met him only once, and this was at our initial meeting when i visited his studio. I'd say most of my friends, and myself included, love to see the world at any opportunity we get, but I think out of everyone i know Ross has done it the most. Having hardly been in the UK at all over the past three years, Ross has the travel bug big time - he'll be back for a week or two and then off again for the next adventure. And as an artist this passion is reflected in his work of course and as he travels around he's constantly inspired, collecting imagery for his next piece - great news for fans of his work."
Angie Davey // Creative Director at Eyestorm